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FAQ's for One time Deep Cleaning Service

How Booking works ?

1-Fill in your details, Chose the number of hours, Day & Time.

2- Then we will contact you to confirm availability, The job details and the number of hours, with        a secure link on how to pay a deposit.

3- Sit back and relax while we do the cleaning.

Not sure how many hours?

No problem, you still need to follow the above steps, and we will be happy to contact you and advice you. 

once the booking comes through, we do evaluate all the details, and we get in touch with customer to advice the number of hours is suitable or not, and then confirm the booking.

Its very often and common customers always over/under estimate the mount of work needed to clean their homes.

therefore, our cleaners will do onsite assessment on the cleaning day and will advice you if the amount of hours ordered is enough or not.

in a case you are ( customer ) not happy with our estimate, we will gladly walk away, without cleaning,no charges, no harm is done. 

we rather do a 100% cleaning job, than do a on budget job that might compromise the quality.    

You must inform us on the following items:

-Painting tapes.

-Window cleaning.

-Screen Cleaning.

-High Ceiling light fixtures that needed to be cleaned. 

-Wall marks that needed to be cleaned.

-Any other odd items. that require a significant amount of time. 

I have last minute cleaning request , can you do it?

We are pretty much confidante to accommodate all cleaning requests,

we have teamed up with the best of the best cleaning team in the city to accommodate

all cleaning requests.   

What Happens if you Can NOT accommodate my cleaning request?

We will contact you  to re-arrange for another day or time. if you are not flexible?

we will then refund your deposit 100%.   


Do you have cleaning check list ?

Yes, we do have a very comprehensive deep cleaning check list CLICK HERE

How trusted Target is with the amount of hours needed to clean my home?

 We have been in the cleaning business for many many years, and we would not be in the business if we did not do things right with a great reputation,

we are not gonna scam customers, take the money and run away.

we are a very reputable company with high rating on homestars, and we intend to keep or reputation in a mint condition,

We estimate the number of hours needed based on a home size, on the cleaning day you will be advised how much its gonna cost you.

99% of the times we over estimate the amount of hours, and 99% we complete the work way under the estimate time.  

I have a budget, Can you work with my budget?

Yes, Absolutely, but bear in mind not everything might gets done, maybe we will have to skip window cleaning, or Screen cleaning, or inside appliances, or inside kitchen cabinets,etc..., we will advice you what items can or Can not be done within your budget. 

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, 100%.

in case we Can not accommodate your  cleaning request ( for whatever reason) Or you believe our quote is way off your expectation,  we will 100% Refund the deposit.

What if i need to cancel or reschedule a deep cleaning(or out of Toronto ) last minute?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible. however, a fee of $75 if you cancel or reschedule less than 24hrs.

What is Target Cleaning Services?

We are a platform that match local supply with local demand, all our professionals ( contractors )independent, screened and work quality & reference checked  to reflect the high standards we care.

Can i book verbally without paying a deposit ?

Unfortunately No! 

We d not take verbal booking seriously, all booking request has to be accompanied with a deposit payment, its just our way to make sure the booking is real and not a fake booking.

What should i do before a home cleaning?

To make sure the maid work more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to a visit from our maid . 


Do i have to be home during cleaning?

No, but its entirely up to you,  we clean Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. most of our customers aren't home but the vast majority trust us with the key to their home. For additional security, all house keys are individually coded and cross-referenced. or you could simply hide the key somewhere ( you tell us ) or leave a key with the door man.


What time cleaning crew arrive ?

 We can't guarantee an exact time as we live in a busy city and transport might be a nightmare sometimes :).

but we give a 30 minute window, i.e, we always say' your maid should arrive between 9:30am-10am.



What if I'm not happy ?

If you notify us within 24 hours after the cleaning and we will deal with it.


What does a labor hour means?

for example, a 5hrs job.

if we send one cleaner, the cleaner will work for 5hrs,

if we send a team of 2 cleaner, they will work for 2.5hrs.

if we send a team of 5 cleaners, they will work for 1hr.


Can i request a team of more than two cleaners?

Yes, just let us know.

How can i pay ?

Regardless how you gonna pay at the end of the cleaning day,

we do require a $75 -$125 paymnet to be made by the credit card we have n file for you,

the balance you can either pay direclty to the cleaners, or ask the cleaners to put it on the credit card

( Its up to you ).


Should i have tools,supply & materials for deep cleaning ?

No, we do provide the supply 



Typically we do not do:(unless you request

  • Wash dishes

  • Do laundry or ironing

  • Pick up or remove clutter

  • Clean inside of fireplaces

  • Mold Cleaning

  • Bed Bug cleaning

  • Clean grout or gumy/sticky floors

  • Clean toys

  • Clean outside windows, pet Messes, Mold,Carpet Steam

Target Cleaning Serices


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