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Time to sell your home? are you an agent trying to sell a home? need help cleaning your home?

Cleaning tasks that precede house staging are very different to normal and basic every day cleaning routines. At Target house staging cleaning services we add another dimension to the cleaning process by:

  • Deep Clean the house or Condo.

  • Deep Clean faucets and vanities to a very good condition.

  • Deep Clean  bathroom tiles and tubs, and vitalize the original colors.

  • Deep Clean discolored kitchen sinks and remove the build up around taps

  • Detailed dusting that reach all the hidden areas.

  • Clean inside ovens.

  • Clean all cobwebs and main vents.

  • Clean high areas like chandeliers and skylights.

And much more..


Many Real Estate and Staging professional depend on us to prepare the property for them before they start their artful touches of house staging.

Home Staging Cleaning Service in Toronto

Target Cleaning Serices


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