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Please Note* The charge is per labor hour ( per cleaner, per hour)( each cleaner, each hour) example: a 6-8 hours job, is 3-4 hrs each lady. or one cleaner 6-8hrs.

Please Note* our quotes are estimate, as each home is unique and different, the estimate number of hours are ONLY estimate, therefore, it could go up or down dependent on home condition and customer requirements.

for instant, a 3000 sq ft home for a well looked after home takes between 6-8 labor hours( 3-4 hrs each cleaning lady).

however, the number of hours will increase if customer should ask for any or all items on the comprehensive cleaning check list.

Therefore, a team leader/operation manager will advice you on the cleaning day if the estimate number of hours is sufficient for your home/cleaning requirements. 

Standard deep Cleaning check list



  • Vacuum                                                                                               

  • Appliances: Clean Outside/exterior, beside, top and both sides

  • Cabinets: Clean exterior up & down: Outside and handles dusted & wiped,

  • Window Ledges, Window Frame dust & wipe

  • Light fixture, Pictures: Dust.

  • Backsplash: Dust & wipe

  • Countertop: Dust & wipe

  • Switch board: Dust & wipe

  • Heat Vent/Rad: Dust & wipe.

  • Clean & empty Garbage bin.

  • Clean baseboard.

  • Sink & Faucet clean & disinfect.

  • Mop(floor sweeping )




Bathroom ( Clean & Disinfect )

  • Vacuum

  • Bath-tub: wipe

  • Shower area: wipe

  • Toilet clean & disinfect

  • Bathroom Vanity, faucet: dust & wipe

  • Shower fixture: wipe

  • Shower light fixture: dust

  • Shower glass door, frame: dust & wipe,

  • Shampoo/Soap holder: wipe

  • Counter top: dust & wipe

  • Bathroom mirror: wipe

  • Bathroom cabinet exterior: wipe

  • Switch board: Dust & wipe

  • Window Ledges, Window Frame dust & wipe

  • Heat Vent/Rad: Dust & wipe

  • Visible baseboard.

  • Shower floor: wipe

  • Mop(floor sweeping)




  • Vacuum

  • Dust & wipe all outside surfaces (countertop, tables, lamps, shelve, glass door, mirror, picture & phone.

  • Visible baseboard.

  • Empty garbage

  • TV set dust & wipe

  • Walk in closet floor: Vacuum &or  mop.

  • Window Ledges, Window Frame dust & wipe

  • Switch board: Dust & wipe

  • Heat Vent/Rad: Dust & wipe

  • Mop/Vacuum ( floor sweeping )


Living Room/ Dining Room*


  • Vacuum

  • All surfaces (tables, chairs, TV set, Picture, etc..): dust & wipe

  • Mirrors: Wipe

  • Empty Garbage

  • Visible baseboard.

  • Closet floor: vacuum & mop.

  • Window Ledges, Window Frame dust & wipe




  • Dust all surfaces, Shelves, Picture, Fireplace frame,

  • Vacuum

  • Visible baseboard.

  • Mop

  • Switch board: Dust & wipe

  • Heat Vent/Rad: Dust & wipe

  • Mop

Deep comprehensive Cleaning check list 

-The above list plus:

  -Inside Windows, Screen, Inside cabinets ( kitchen &   washrooms ) inside appliances,Walls . etc...

 Please note* The comprehensive deep cleaning check list  take significant time and cost more, So its up to the customer to customize and advice the cleaning crew what items should be prioritize & what items could be skipped to save time & cost. 





Target Cleaning Serices


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