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   Deep Cleaning, After reno. Move in/Out cleaning...

Every household is a unique, therefore there is No way to tell you exactly how much time it needed to clean your home,

When talking to us, we going to give you an estimate time & cost based on the information you provide over the phone.

lets say for example:

after renovation of up to 1200 sq ft home( done drywall and new kitchen,etc.. ) will take anything between 7hrs to 15hrs ( worst case scenario).

some customers ask us this: How do i know Target Cleaning wont over charge me?

-our answer is simple: We have been in the cleaning business for many years and our reputation is very important, we are not going to make extra money by lacking time to try to outsmart a customer to get more hrs ( more money) this is just not rite and we have no intention to do it.

we care about every clean as a potential Bad or Good review ( either ways its good and very bad to the business ) a good review will bring an extra 10 new customers, a bad review will scare away 20 new potential customers.



Target Cleaning Serices


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